FlaxMenu 1.2

A program with quick menu function to increase productivity

FlaxMenu is a program that features quick menu options, making them more like shortcuts to different menu options, which can increase user productivity by providing quick shortcut access to necessary program menus.

It has two basic features to help users with efficiency: LastMenu and FlaxMenu. The LastMenu function allows the users to press any designated shortcut key to repeat the last menu option the user had used.

This feature can be helpful while working with intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, where users need to go to menu options continuously for using various effects.

The FlaxMenu function, on the other hand, provides the users with a customizable panel of shortcuts, where users can keep the most used menu options as shortcuts in a floating panel.

This feature allows the user to recall a menu option quickly, and users can hide or unhide this option anytime they need to. FlaxMenu is basically the program that can help users work with enhanced productivity.